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Entry #3

Symbiosis Snake is out.

2011-05-05 11:51:48 by tenentenen

That's right, folks. My newest game, Symbiosis snake, is finally out!
If you haven't yet, please go try it out!
You can try it by clicking on the link below this in "Flash Submissions."

Things to note:
This game is hard, don't hate the game because of this.
Just because you are bad at the game, doesn't mean the game is bad.
It may seem simple, but it becomes rather addicting and complex.
You can Submit your score! Can you be on top?
Medals are included, and will be approved (hopefully) soon.

Hopefully everyone likes it!


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2011-05-29 14:57:05

I'm on top! (Except I didn't beat you...)

tenentenen responds:

Nice Dude, I'm surprised more people haven;t played this yet.


2011-06-18 08:27:35

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2012-02-03 17:20:24

Ummm time to update the post ? :P