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Game Jam and the Future.

2011-04-19 12:00:00 by tenentenen

Alright, everyone and anyone, first news post ever, in regards to the Game Jam.

Me and two others have just competed in the game Jam 4, which was quite awesome, and my first game jam to date, we created a mystery interactive novel(Mystery of Willow Manor), that can be found on my user page.

Many people like it, and It's on the front page now, though others don't.

BUT DO NOT FEAR. I have Plans to make another of Similar style, but with a much more thought out story(I'll have more than 72 hours to do so) more choices, more gameplay, longer sound effects, better twists, and just better overall.

If you liked willow manor, you will go crazy for the next one, which has no relation to the first.

On the Flip-side,


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2011-04-19 23:50:38

Good work sir

tenentenen responds:

Good work to you as well, sir.


2011-06-18 10:51:16

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